Birzeit University ‘Most influential’ in Social Media

Birzeit University maintains the top social media presence among Palestine's institutions on social networks. The ranking was announced in the third annual "Social Media Report in Palestine 2016" issued by Social Studio. 

The ranking is based on social reputation and interaction of users, and rates of browsing the institutes' networks on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the official website of each institution.  

The report indicated that the university's website was a frontrunner. Birzeit University's official website has taken a leading position among other websites in Palestine based on the number of monthly viewers and surfers.

The report says that the Facebook page of the university "BirzeitUniversity" is also first among the Palestinian universities, in terms of the number of followers, average reach of posts, and user interaction.

The university's Facebook page, according to the report, has regional and international followers. More than half of the page's followers are from the Arab region and the world. The university is also distinguished by ranking first in Palestine in terms of the numbers of followers that are also on LinkedIn.

Birzeit University also has some of the highest numbers of followers on YouTube, and Twitter.

The full report is available at