Birzeit University And Al-Bireh Municipality Working Together for Sustainability

President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh and Al-Bireh Mayor Fawzy Awwad concluded an agreement aimed at furthering their mutual collaboration and knowledge exchange to promote sustainability development in Al-Bireh area through students’ knowledge.

The agreement specifically emphasizes on engaging  students in leadership programs, planning, community service as well as reinforcing researches to find solutions for the technical, environmental, administrative and legal issues that the country faces.

" This agreement will pave the way for academic and work-related cooperation between the University and Al-Bireh Municipality in fields that will benefit from the out students’ intellectual abilities and will further encourage them on innovation, creativity and excellence", Abu Hijleh assured. " The University focuses on the discovery of new knowledge channels, sharing that knowledge with others and applying it to the benefit of the community" , he alluded.

" This kind of collaboration provides our municipality with tremendous advantage. It ensures that sustainability is central to our service delivery planning and implementation", Awwad said. " We depend on talent aggregation and technical innovation, and that’s what we’ll find in Birzeit University. The cooperation with academic institution will help enhance the quality of our services".

The signing ceremony was attended by the Vice President for Development and Communication, Ghassan Al-Khatib, External Academic Relations Officer, Dolly Kaibni-Nammour, Head of Al-Bireh Municipality, Ziad Tawil and the Mayor’s Office Manager, Jamila Awad.