Artistic November at Birzeit Brings New Season of Culture

The “freakishly brilliant” violinist Gidon Kremer,  and Grammy Award- winning chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica, an ensemble of young of young musicians from the Baltic States of Estonia, Lativia and Lithuania, brought fire with their musical performance to the wide hall of Birzeit’s Nasib Aziz Shaheen Theatre last week.

Maestro Kremer is leading Kremerata Baltica on landmark tours of North America, Europe, and the Middle East in this 2016-17 concert season, and to celebrate the orchestra’s 20th anniversary and his 70th birthday year.  

According to the orchestra's website,  Kremerata Baltica, an educational project with a long-term vision, was Kremer’s 50th birthday present to himself – a way of passing on his wisdom to young colleagues while making no compromises on artistic standards as he nurtured and inspired musical life in the region.
Kremer, founder of Kremerata Baltica, is one of the most celebrated violinists in the world.

This month, Nasib Aziz Shaheen Theatre has been an international meeting point of cultures and arts with the rich variety of events in Nasib Aziz Shaheen Theatre. Starting with the play “Where can I find someone like you, Ali?”, bringing back the stories of the Palestinian revolution fighting the Israeli occupation in a joint Palestinian-Lebanese work, Saryett Ramallah Dance Troup continues the extraordinary month, reaffirming the Palestinian heritage, folklore and identity.

These performances won’t be the last. The celebration of arts and music will continue not only in November, but throughout December, in line with the colorful autumn program Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, covering each Saturday a wide spectrum of genres, including classical performances, local projects and other contemporary activities.

Since its inception, Birzeit’s Nasib A. Shaheen Theatre has catered to hundreds of culture enthusiasts with varied tastes, with its innovative projects including concerts and performances by world-renowned artists.