Alumnus Husam Barham wins architecture competition organized by Engineering Association –Jerusalem Center

Alumnus Husam Barham with his colleagues in the Engineering Commune Office achieved first place in an architecture competition organized by the Engineering Association – Jerusalem Center.

The competition aimed to create architecture designs for the Jerusalem District Electricity Company- Jericho Branch. Barham’s design met high standards of sustainability, eco-friendliness, accessibility and public safety, while embracing innovative features that promote productivity.

In addition to Barham, the team included Rand Hamdallah, architectural designer; Dana Khreshi, graphic designer; and Basil Nasir, research and teaching assistant at Birzeit University.

Barham maintained, “We wouldn’t have succeed without being part of a work environment that supports the talent and aspirations of young architects. This places new responsibilities on us, as we seek to examine the social, gendered, cultural, environmental and political outcomes of various practices, particularly in the public space, to employ them in new activities, initiatives and projects.”

In 2017, Barham was awarded Birzeit University’s Yousef Nawas Award for Innovation. He also took first prize in the Competition for the Reconstruction of the Destroyed Palestinian Villages organized by the Palestine Land Society, London, U.K. Barham also worked as a teaching and research assistant in the Department of Architectural Engineering and the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at Birzeit University.