Global Campus of Human Rights

Global Campus of Human Rights is a global network of around 100 leading universities providing higher education programmes in human rights and democracy.

This network is based on the cooperation between seven regional programmes (each involving several universities) in different places of the world from. The Global Campus of Human Rights serves as a strategic platform for communication, knowledge sharing, and coordination between resources and expertise on issues of human rights. It aims to strengthen education, training, and research related to human rights and democracy and to facilitate the dissemination of human values such as dignity, freedom, democracy, and human rights.

The mission of the Global Campus of Human Rights is to provide expertise and share knowledge to guide the social, cultural, and political development of our world by infusing the process of change in ethical, human rights based perspectives and actions. The Global Campus aims to enlighten the debate and shape the multi-layered solutions through leading universities on current world leading challenges such as poverty, economic inequality, globalization, insecurity, and radicalism.