To supply the Arab Palestinian community with quality graduates who are equipped with scientific knowledge and motivation to work in research and development as well as teaching.

The Program endeavors to graduate pioneers who have:

  • A strong background in biological sciences allowing them to work with new concepts.
  • Enhanced practical skills that allow them to work with new technologies in biological sciences.
  • Critical thinking and reasoning that allow them to deal innovatively with general problems in biological sciences to find solutions that are in line with community needs.
  • Passion to care for the environment and use available resources to induce sustainable development in communities where they serve.
  • The understanding of the scientific method and its applications to solve biological problems
  • Demonstration of basic biological concepts
  • Reading and analysis of different academic and scientific texts in various areas of biology
  • Development of analytical and critical thinking and its use to solve problems
  • Development of writing experimental results and analysis and oral communications
  • Development of experimental preparation skills and experimental setup
  • Ability to construct sound scientific arguments from different sources
  • Ability to understand and explain scientific information
  • Ministry of education
  • Medical laboratories
  • Ministry of the environment
  • Power authority
  • Water authority
  • Pharmaceutical factories