Workshop Promotes "Continuing Education in Sustainability Engineering”

In coordination with An-Najah National University and the General Union of Palestinian Industries, the Birzeit University Faculty of Engineering organized a workshop entitled, "Continuing Education in Sustainability Engineering" on March 24, 2014.

The workshop presented several continuing education training courses that were developed for the local technical staff of the Tempus Euro-Mediterranean partnership in sustainability engineering, in which Birzeit University and An Najah National University, along with a number of Jordanian and European universities are participating.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman explained that the meeting is a good opportunity for communication and networking between Europe and the Middle East. Faculty of Engineering Dean Afif Hasan explained the objectives and program of the workshop.

The workshop discussed four courses in continuing education that were prepared by the participating parties:

1)      "Energy efficiency and renewable energy," presented by Mohammed Kerrain and Engineer Nasser Ismail from Birzeit University.

2)      "Occupational safety and quality control," presented by Shadi Sawalha from An-Najah National University and Peter Krajnik from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

3)       "Control and Automation," presented by Shady Da’na from Birzeit University and Muhammad Hilweh from Palestine Technical College, and Professor Peter Butala from University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

4)       "Project Management" presented by Mohammed Abu Rahma from An-Najah National University and Engineer Bastiam Muller from Technical University of Berlin.

Moreover, Engineer Bernd Muschard from Technical University of Berlin presented the technology of the 3D printer in the final session of the workshop.

The workshop was attended by over 50 representatives of academic, industrial and governmental institutions.