“White Coats” Celebrated in Dr. Pharmacist Graduation

Birzeit University Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions held on June 2, 2014, a “white coat ceremony” for 33 third-year students in the Dr. Pharmacist program. Students donned the official professional uniform, and were given a job title to usher in their practical training.

The ceremony was attended by Vice-President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, representative of the Ministry of Health and director of the Health Directorate - Ramallah and Al Bireh Khalid Qadri, head of the Palestinian Pharmacists Association Fawaz Siam and faculty dean Tamer Essawi, as well as faculty students and their parents.

Giacaman expressed his delight at celebrating the graduation of the second batch of students of the Dr. Pharmacist program. He talked about the importance of this specialization, which contributes to applied research in pharmacy, where the pharmacists will have the expertise to elevate the level of medical care in Palestine, and reduce the costs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Qadri said out that the holder of this degree has a wide range of medical job opportunities, where she/he can work in areas of basic and applied research and pharmaceutical, or pursue graduate studies in pharmaceutical sciences.

Essawi explained that the Dr. Pharmacist program requires a six-year study period in basic and pharmaceutical sciences. Essawi and chair of the program Hani Shtayyeh read the names of the graduates, followed by students’ nightingale pledge.

The university’s Dr. Pharmacist Program was launched in 2010-2011 in order to meet the international challenges facing medical careers and the pharmacist’s academic and practical qualifications. A member of an integrated medical care team, the pharmacist plays a vital role in the delivery of quality health care.