Volunteers to help sick children at Jerusalem Hospital

The Deanship of Student Affairs and Armaa Organization launched a new program to support the health sector in Jerusalem entitled "Draw a smile", at the Al Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital-Jerusalem.

The new joint-program aims at providing quality care to children who are staying at Al-Makassed, by doing entertaining activities such as drawing, stories reading…etc.

The President of Birzeit University Abdullatif Abuhijleh talked about the impact of volunteerism in the health and social services sector. "Helping others does not need health care experience to support efforts of doctors and nurses. Societal and humanitarian contributes in building a cohesive society."

The Director General of Al Makassed Rafiq Husseini said that volunteers are a crucial element in supporting the administrative work of our hospital. Al Makassed, according to Rafeeq, is distinguished with the spirit of voluntarism and group work.

The Head of the Departeent of Pediatric Bassam Abu Libdeh assured that voluntary work at hospitals must focus on the children section, who are always in need not only to medical help, but also the psychological support during their stay at the hospital.

He assured that the new program "Draw a smile", will serve in a variety of role, all of which are instrumental in delivering quality care and services to children.