Twelfth Engineering Day Deepens Partnerships Between Academia and Industry

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology kicked off on May 7, 2016 its twelfth Engineering Day, which included exhibits by engineering companies, faculty’s graduate students’ projects and technical seminars.The event, which was sponsored by the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers & Architects and Axix for GPS and Surveying Instruments, intended to deepen the university’s interactions with the local and regional engineering sector and to strengthen the relationship between the university and the community.“We must continue to provide outstanding talent for companies, and help our students and alumni to engage in the competitive markets”. University President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh praised the the participation of many leading engineering companies which "manifests their trust in the university”.“Collaborations between academia and industry is increasingly a critical component of efficient economic national development", Abu Hijleh added. "It is important to create positive interactions with engineering companies, the Palestinian Engineers Association, and professional federations to contribute in solidifying our economy.”Chairman of Engineers Union Majdi Al- Saleh alluded that the union works hard to enhance the status of engineering work and to support the role of engineers in the labour market and development process in Palestine.Fayeq Al Deek assured that the Ministry of Public Works and Housing Deputy said the ministry’s mandates is to set, communicate and enforce partnerships with the academia as it build better skills and competencies. “ Skills are a critical asset for individuals, businesses and societies. It is crucial to ensure that skills taught at universities are relevant for the working world and that graduates are maintained and further improved that working life, and that what is implemented in our plans and strategies.