Students relive the experiences of 1967 refugees, freedom fighters in film screening

“When I Saw You” (Lamma Shoftak) masterfully traces the Naksa in the eyes of those who lived it

“When I Saw You” (Lamma Shoftak), a 2012 Palestinian film that tells the story of Palestinian refugees and freedom fighters in Jordan during the 1967 Naksa, was screened today, Tuesday, April 24, 2018, in an event held by the Deanship of Student Affairs on Birzeit University’s campus. 

The film, which won Best Asian Film at the 63rdBerlin International Film Festival, was directed by Annemarie Jacir, and explores the relationship between freedom fighters and their families in refugee camps. 

As part of its mission to provide a wholesome, encompassing experience for students, the Deanship of Student Affairs regularly holds dialogue sessions, debates, and film screenings, hosting international specialists and experts, and bringing global perspectives to Birzeit University.