Students, professors of the Department of Architecture participate in International Festival in Greece

The Department of Architecture participated in the 8th International Festival of Architectural Schools (IFAS 2022), recently held in Greece.

The festival addressed the topic of urban development by combining workshops and lectures on the relationship of cities to the sea and architectural forms related to the sea. These lectures were presented by the festival’s guests, including architects, planners and academics. The festival also included a workshop in which students from Arab and European universities participated. The Department of Architecture was represented by Dr. Shaden Awad and lecturer Ibrahim Al-Hindi, in addition to three students from the department.

The festival also included a workshop on the urban design and planning of the Greek city of Corinth, a region rich in history as it harbors the Corinth Canal, which serves as an accessible pathway for ship traffic. Students worked on design proposals to redevelop the canal area and reconnect it with neighboring cities through infrastructure, enhancing the cultural and societal aspect of the canal and utilizing its natural resources.

IFAS is an annual festival that aims to open new horizons and discussions on topics of urban building planning and design. Participating in this event provided an opportunity for the department to establish collegial relations between Palestinian academics and the organizers of the festival at the University of Chieti–Pescara.