Second annual Jerusalem Week launched at Birzeit University

The second annual Jerusalem Week was launched at Birzeit University today. The week is organized by the Public Relations Committee of the Student Council, headed by the Islamic Bloc and aims to discuss and raise important issues relating to Jerusalem on the eve of the final status negotiations. A broad program is organized for the week involving all major political factions in meetings and presentations.

Today saw the opening ceremony and a play performed by Al Yarmouk group entitled "Abu Ahlam's Diaries". The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Ramallah, Hassan Yousef, spoke to a crowded audience in the Kamal Nasir hall about the importance of Jerusalem to the Palestinian people, "We will not take Abu Dis, Ramallah or Azzareya as our capital!"

A giant model of Al Aqsa mosque has been placed on campus and a number of displays are continuing throughout the week including a photographic exhibition by Khaled Zighari. The program for the week is as follows:

2nd Jerusalem Week… … Homeland and The Palestinian Question…Where To?

Jerusalem -Rise to Our Souls!

Mon. Oct. 4th:
13:00 Kamal Nasir Hall
Opening Ceremony: "Artificial Presentations" by Al-Yarmouk Group, Play "Abu-Ahlam's Diaries"

Tue. Oct 5th:
13:00 Kamal Nasir Hall

Struggle for Sovereignty and the Future of Jerusalem

  1. Dr. Abdul Sattar Qasem: How Jerusalem was lost how to get it back
  2. Mr. Faisal Huseini: The final status of Jerusalem through the negotiations
  3. PLC member Hatam Abdul Qader: The people of Jerusalem: between the Zionist Attack and Palestinian neglect
  4. Mr. Khaled 'Amayreh: Jerusalem: between our legitimate right and the negotiations table

Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Khateeb

Wed. Oct 6th:

13:00 Kamal Nasir Hall Interim period: a study of results and performance

  1. Minister Nabil 'Amro: What the Palestinian Authority prepared for the final negotiations
  2. Mr. 'Imad Al-Qadi: What the Palestinians have lost under the peace agreements
  3. Dr. 'Ali Jarbawi: the Palestinian Negotiator: between right wing obstinacy and left wing absorption …
  4. PLC member Abdul Jawad Saleh: An evaluation of the Palestinian reality on the eve of the final status negotiations

Moderator: Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Barghuthi

Thu. Oct 7th: 13:00 Kamal Nasir Hall

The role and vision of the Palestinian factions concerning the final status negotiations

  1. The Islamic Movement: Sheik Hasan Yousef (Abu Mus'ab)
  2. Fatah Movement: Mr. Marwan Barghouthi
  3. PFLP: Mr. Abdul Lateef Gheith
  4. DFLP: Mr. Omar 'Assaf

Moderator: Mr. Albert Aghazarian

Sat. Oct. 9th:

13:00 Kamal Nasir Hall
An open meeting with Palestinian Poet Samih Al-Qasem along with poem readings Moderator: Dr. Mahmoud Al-'Atshan

Exhibitions: All week:

  1. "The Homeland and The Palestinian Question" exhibition for "Karikator": Umayyah Juha + Naji Al-'Ali
  2. "Homeland Portrait" exhibition for Tashkili Art: House of Art ASEEL Mohammad Muharram, Mohammad Shalbak, Husam Al-Sabe', Najwa Zreiqi, Yusra Muharram, and Nuha 'Assaf.
  3. "Jerusalem Talking" Photographic exhibition: Photo-Journalist Khaled Al-Zighari.