Research Workshop Addresses EU, Common Policies and International System

The Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies held on June 7, 2014 a workshop entitled, "The EU: Between Common Policies and the International System." The workshop was a complement to a course, “European Union: Unique Phenomenon,” that was launched this semester.

Twelve institute students presented their research on the European Union during the workshop. Opening the event, Vice President for Community Outreach Samia Halaileh said she valued the institute’s work in international relations, especially the Master's program in international studies. Halaileh also encouraged students to carry out and publish their research.

Institute director Abdul-Karim al-Barghouthi thanked the students, whose work was reviewed and who excelled in their research.

The workshop was held in three topical sessions, the first of which addressed the European Union and its common policies. The second session addressed the European Union and international policies, and finally the third session, “The EU and Palestine,” featured research on several aspects of EU relations with Palestine.

Yarmouk University political science professor Ahmad Nawfal, Laris Gaiser from the University of Freiburg, Birzeit University professor of political science Lord Habash, professor of international relations Ahmad Azem, and professor of political science Ghada Almudbouh commented on the students’ papers and their structure, content and methodology.

Course teacher Raed Bader presented concluding observations that emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to research.