Research and Culture Cooperation Underway with Palestinian Museum

Birzeit University and the Palestinian Museum created on January 19, 2017 a new agreement to work together in arts and humanities. The parties signed an understanding that maps routes to greater participation in research, and advocacy for cultural tools in education.

The agreement was signed by university president Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and the museum’s director general Mahmoud Hawari. Representatives from the university and the museum attended the signing ceremony.

The cooperation between the Palestinian Museum and Birzeit University will include working with the university’s research centers and institutes such as Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute for International Studies, and the Institute of Women’s Studies, as well as the departments of History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, and the IT department.

The agreement will support volunteer opportunities and internship programs, with priority given to Birzeit students. In addition, the two institutions will share spaces and venues for artistic and cultural events, and create a joint program of visits of artists, professor and other academic professionals.

Abuhijleh said that this agreement supports the university’s efforts to be a leading academic institution, offering interdisciplinary programs in the fields of humanities, engineering, archaeology and media, and presenting students with a contemporary, artistic twist.

“The greatest asset of our university is inspiring people,” he said. “Collaborating across disciplines within the university and with other institutions such as the Palestinian Museum will help our students, faculty, staff and the public to enjoy a rich creative and artistic work emerging from this cooperation.”

Hawari said that the Palestinian Museum seeks to be a dynamic and innovative forum for creating and communicating knowledge and new thinking about the Palestinian society, history and culture. “We are keen to contribute to a vibrant Palestinian cultural scene, and to be capable of strengthening the bonds between Palestinians and those interested in their culture and history.”

“Birzeit University has a rich archive with valuable collection of research, studies, books, documents, maps and oral history, which can serve our mission and future vision”, Hawwari explained.