Public Relations to unveil new, engaging communications strategy

The Public Relations Office at Birzeit University has recently wrapped-up a two-day workshop to establish a new communications strategy that reaches all segments of society by utilizing new media forms, and that reinforces the notion of innovation in content creation.

The workshop, attended by a number of university employees from various departments, was organized by Hadath International Group, a Dubai-based communications agency with offices in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The attendees explored the main tenets of the new communications strategy, such as honesty and transparency, which serve to reinforce the positive image of Birzeit University as a national institution committed to pluralism and openness.

The discussions included a review of the best practices used in communication, such as incorporating novel storytelling techniques, crafting clear messages, and utilizing contemporary communications media.

The workshop included a number of teambuilding exercises and brainstorming sessions, in which the university employees examined methods to introduce Birzeit University – and its mission, vision, and strategy – to a broader segment of the Palestinian community.

The attendees also emphasized cementing the university’s core values, such as innovation and academic excellence.