Public administration hosts head of NGO directorate for lecture on civil institution laws

Abdul Nasser Al Sirafi, director of the General Directorate of Non-Governmental Organizations and Public Affairs, gave a lecture in the Management of Non-Profit Civil Organizations course on the Law on Charitable Associations and Community Foundations (Law 1 of 2000), on Monday, October 8, 2018. 

Al Sirafi, hosted by the Department of Public Administration, gave an extensive overview of the law, and the relationship between Palestinian civil society and charitable institutions on one hand and the Palestinian community on the other. He noted that, despite the tensions that permeated the relationship in the past, these institutions worked hand in hand with the government. 

Al Sirafi said civil society institutions and charitable foundations play a major complementary role to the government, and reinforce positive discourse on civil rights, politics, and the economy. 

This lecture is the latest effort by the Department of Public Administration to build bridges and establish channels of communication between students and decision-makers, giving students the space to explore topics with relevant experts and authorities.