Professor of public health is Branford's guest

On 4 October 2012, Prof. Rita Giacaman, professor of public health at the Institute of Community and Public Health-BZU, will be the guest at a Branford College master’s tea at 4:30 p.m.
The event is sponsored by the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund and the MacMillan Center’s Council on African Studies and is supported by the Yale Global Health Initiative, the Council on Middle East Studies, the Program on Order, Conflict & Violence, and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. 
As a researcher and practitioner, Prof. Giacaman participated in the Palestinian social action movement, which led to the development of the Palestinian primary health care model. She then helped build the Palestinian community-based disability rehabilitation network. Her work has focused on understanding the impact of war conflict and excessive exposure to violence on the health and wellbeing of Palestinians. She is the co-editor of “Public Health in the Arab World.”