Parties Brainstorm on New Economic and Financial Law MA Program

The Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration organized on February 3, 2014, a brainstorming session to discuss the issue of developing a new master's program in economic and financial law program to be funded by the European Union. This is part of a special project to promote higher education in Palestinian universities by funding the development of master's program in economic and financial law, which will be hosted at Birzeit University, and a master's program in criminal law, hosted at An-Najah National and Al-Quds universities.

The meeting focused on defining the concept and objectives of the program and participants made suggestions related to the mechanisms of developing the program and how decision-makers can utilize it in developing legislation. The meeting concluded by emphasizing the importance of the program and its role in developing the justice sector and in improving the Palestinian economic outlook.

The meeting was attended by representatives of concerned government and civil society institutions, in addition to faculty and staff members.