Paltel Teacher Education Program Produces Two More PhDs

As part of the IFAD program, launched by the Palestinian Telecommunication Group (Paltel) in 2011, Mohammed Abu al-Rub and Basma Salameh have completed their doctoral degree requirements.

Abu al-Rub received a doctorate in media from the University of Vienna in Austria, while Salameh has been awarded a doctorate in nursing from the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Over the past two years, Paltel has sent nine Birzeit University teachers to complete their PhDs in different disciplines, and intends to support another three teachers this year. In 2012 and 2013, nine teaching staff members benefited from the Paltel grant, studying at British, French, Belgian, Malaysian, Canadian, American, German and other universities.

University President Khalil Hindi thanked Paltel Group for supporting higher education. "We, in Palestine, need programs like these that support the development of academic staff in Palestinian universities through grants that enable them to obtain doctorate degrees in several vital disciplines such as computer engineering, geography, media, electronic and architectural engineering, information technology and nursing. "

"I recieved a one-year IFAD grant to complete my last year in the media PhD program from the University of Vienna,” Dr. Abu al-Rub said. “This grant was a motivation towards success and graduation with honors. The IFAD grant/scholarship represents an opportunity for researchers and academics to pursue their higher education and transfer their knowledge and experience to their students, contributing to elevating the academic level and providing community service. "

Dr. Salameh also expressed her gratitude to Paltel Group.

The IFAD Scholarship Program has triggered a qualitative leap in the university’s quest for academic excellence. The program has been in force since 2012. The five-year agreement stipulates that Paltel Group will provide annual funding to send teaching staff to earn their PhD degrees from universities abroad in disciplines prioritized by the university.