PalTel CEO Asks ‘Do We Need Media Economics?’ in Symposium

Birzeit University’s Media Department organized on November 27, 2014 a symposium entitled, "Do we need a media economics?” delivered by the CEO of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group, Ammar Aker.

Aker spoke about the intersection between media and technology and how this changes the media map. He said that the international media machine contributes to building the national economy of each country, and that behind every state, there is a strong economy and strong media. "Media economics is able to attract investors from inside and outside the country,” he said.

From a Palestinian perspective, Aker believes that media economics in Palestine is growing in order to keep pace with the economic supplements published by newspapers and websites. He takes this as a sign that Palestinian media economics needs to be directed, professionally and academically.

 Aker recommended that efforts towards the development of a strong Palestinian media economics be intensified in cooperation with universities, as well as communications and economics institutions.