"Palestinian Women’s Political Participation” Seminar Holds Mirror to BZU Campus

Birzeit University Institute of Women's Studies and Miftah held on October 28, 2013 a seminar entitled "Palestinian Women’s Political Participation,” in which two teaching staff members participated, Rula Abu Daho and Reem Butmeh.
In his opening address, Miftah representative Shadi Zaidat spoke about the Palestinian Youth Network project, which brings together more than 70 activists from different Palestinian universities. Zaidat added that this project aims to empower young leaders to contribute to political and social change in Palestine.
Abu Daho’s address explored Palestinian women’s political participation before and after the Oslo Accords. Butmeh’s lecture was entitled: "The status of women’s participation in institutions and decisionmaking: the Birzeit University model." While 39% of university employees are women, she said that "This percentage is considered good on the international level, but there is a gap between the employment status of men and women at the university.”
Butmeh stated that women constitute 30% of the academic cadre, of which only 19% are PhD holders. By comparison, 81% of male academics are doctorate degree holders. She also mentioned that women seldom occupy senior administrative positions at Birzeit University.