Palestine and Arabic Studies Program starts new semester, welcomes new students

Program focuses on teaching Arabic language, Palestinian culture ​

Forty international students from various countries around the world began their first day at the Palestinian and Arabic Studies Program today, Wednesday, June 6, 2018. The students were familiarized with the program, its courses, and objectives, as well as the history of Birzeit University and the realities of education under occupation. 

The students were welcomed by staff and administrators of the Palestinian and Arabic studies program. Rasha Kassis, the administrative and financial coordinator of the program, explained the registration procedures, structure of courses, university regulations, and program bylaws. 

Sa'd Nimer and Hanada Kharma, two instructors in the program, introduced the students to the philosophy behind teaching Arabic and the extent to which it is a process of learning intertwined with the political and cultural dimension of the Palestinian community.

Additionally, the presenters introduced students to accommodation options in Ramallah and Birzeit, upcoming tours of the two towns, and the conversational partner program – which brings together native Arabic speakers and international students to exchange language skills and knowledge. 

Representatives from Birzeit University’s the Public Relations Office met with the students and briefed them on the university’s history, from an all-girls’ school in Birzeit to one of Palestine’s leading higher education institutions. 

The representatives also detailed the obstacles Israeli institutions have placed in the path of Palestinian higher education ambitions and emphasized the impact of Israeli practices and violations of the Palestinian right to education.