Over Two Dozen Scholarships Available for European Study

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Engineering on October 3, 2013 hosted project coordinator Olivier Pfeiffer from the Technical University of Berlin to talk about AVEMPACE III - ERASMUS MUNDUS, an academic scholarship seeking to broaden cooperation between European and Middle Eastern universities.
Pfeiffer explained that AVEMPACE III is funded by the Erasmus Mundus – Action 2 program of the European Commission and involves European, Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian universities. The program offers opportunities for students to move from bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, post-doctoral research programs, as well as opportunities for academic/ administrative staff, he said.
In all, AVEMPACE III offers 127 scholarships that cover travel expenses, academic fees, health insurance and a monthly allowance. Palestine has been awarded 29 scholarships of these. The following European universities are partnering for the program:
1. Graz University of Technology, Austria
2. University of Limoges, France
3. University of Montpellier 1, France
4. Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
5. Bonn-Rhine-Sieg Univ. of App. Sciences, Germany
6. Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
7. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
8. University of Deusto, Spain
9. University of Barcelona, Spain
10. Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales
More information about the scholarships are available at www.avempace3.eu.