The Media Department at BZU organizes a seminar on al-Jazeerah documents entitled "Revealing the secrets or concealing the known"

Opinions varied about the documents related to the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, which were  published by Al-Jazeera Qatari Satellite channel, while some supported it, based on the weakness of the Palestinian negotiator and others were skeptical and indignant regarding al-Jazeerah

This came during a seminar held by the Media Department at BZU on 2 February 2011, under the title " Revealing the secrets or concealing the known ", in which the Director of the Ma'an News Agency, Nasser Al-Lahham, and Chairperson of the Media Department. Walid Shurafa and Professor Media, Dr. Nasha't Agtash, have participated and attended by hundreds of BZU students.

Nasser Al-Lahham stressed that Al-Jazeera has crossed all political lines and began to play with the fate of some countries, stressing that the Arab media has mixed between religion and superstition; metaphysics and spiritualism, making it difficult to differentiate between freedom of expression and information on one hand, and ideology on the other hand. He pointed out that 65% of the Arab media content on Arab satellite channels, (amounting to 688 stations) is religious and not scientific or social.

Dr. Shurafa pointed out that language without context is considered a false testimony, noting that every media product is a drama, the discourse begins with topic selection, which creates a context for meaning, which in turn drives the public opinion to lead to a behavior,  since conflict in the media discourse is a struggle on  behaviors.

Dr.. Agtash pointed that the publication of these documents was of vital importance, since these documents served the Palestinian position internationally, and revealed to the world that Israel does not want peace, and at the same time, the documents reflect the weakness of the Palestinian negotiator, and the reason lies in the internal division .

Dr. Agtash stressed onn the right of Palestinians to open the closed drawers, as the law does not prevent corruption, but the media scares corrupt leaders..

This seminar comes as part of a series of seminars and workshops initiated by the Media Department, which will continue during the coming days and weeks to cover a wide range of topics and issues related to the media field