Masterclass Offered by Graduates Engages Particle Physics

The Birzeit University physics department organized a 2014 masterclass in particle physics on April 15, 2014.  A team of four young researchers in the field of particle physics and high-energy accelerators came from various scientific centers and universities in Europe to the Birzeit University physics department to give lectures and train students on using computer programs. 

This year’s masterclass was sponsored by the “Physics without Frontiers” project in the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy. Team leader, Kate Shaw from the center was very impressed by the number of students attending the full-day activities of the class this year.

Arwa Banoura, who is currently doing her PhD at the University of Wuppertal in Germany and who graduated from the physics department at Birzeit University in 2008, gave a lecture on the ATLAS experiment and encouraged students to pursue their higher education in the field of experimental particle physics. Hadil Abualrob and Ahmed Bassalat, PhD students at Paris Sud XI University in France, lectured on accelerator physics and opportunities for doing scientific research in Europe.

Dean of the Science Faculty, Wa’el Karain, and physics department chair Professor Wafaa Khater thanked the team and the project coordinator for offering the interesting lectures and training courses.