Lecturers Explain Argentine-British Dispute over Las Malvinas Islands

The Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies held on May 31, 2014 a lecture on the Argentine-British Conflict over the Las Malvinas Islands. The lecture was delivered by Deputy Representative of Argentina to the Palestinian Authority Rodrigo Lopez Jadano, professor of international law Yaser Amoury, and professor of international studies Ahmad Azm at Birzeit University.

Jadano gave a briefing on the history of the Las Malvinas islands, which the British called the Falkland Islands, which are located 250 nautical miles away from the Argentinean east coast. The population is more than 3,000 inhabitants of British, French and Scandinavian origin, who raise sheep and fish in a very cold climate.

Jadano said that controversy exists over the Falklands' discovery and subsequent colonization by Europeans. At various times, the islands have passed through waves of French, British, Spanish and Argentinean settlements. Britain reasserted it rule in 1833, although Argentina maintained its claim to the islands. In 1982, after Argentina's invasion of the islands, the two-month undeclared war resulted in the surrender of Argentinean forces and the return of the islands to the British administration.

Amoury said, "Although the islands are geographically closer to Argentina than to Britain, the people speak English and consider themselves British, as Britain granted the islanders autonomy, British citizenship, and military protection. "