Lecture Reviews Israel Military Diplomacy

The economic and diplomatic dimensions of Israel’s technical and military sector were discussed in a lecture held on May 16, 2016 and presented by Mtanes Shehade, an expert in the Israeli studies.Organized by the Israeli Studies Program, the lecture examined Israel’s efforts in enhancing its military diplomacy towards the world’s emerging powers, such as China and India and the multinational companies, considering them effective players in the international system and in the world’s politics.Shehada explained that  Israel is seeking to maintain the balance of power on its side to achieve a  safe, secure environment for its interests.  Shehada explained that Israel’s arms manufacturing really took off after the 1967 war. Arms production has increased from 6% in 1967 to 25% in 1985 of the total industrial production in Israel.Shehada pointed that since the end of the cold war, national defense budgets have shrunk drastically in line to the decline in the arms production industry in the world.“Despite this decrease”, Shehada said, “ Israel still maintains its trade ties with its usual allies in the military and technical sector and the arms production is still a fundamental element in securing its interests in the region and the world.”