Lecture on a proposal to establish a "House of Wisdom" college

The Public Relations Office at BZU organized a lecture on 16 February 2010, entitled: "House of Wisdom: a proposal to establish a college at a Palestinian University (or more)," delivered by Dr. Munir Fasheh. The  lecture addressed the conviction of what the world is witnessing in terms of the destruction of life, caused by the absence of wisdom, when the mind has assumed the throne while wisdom was imprisoned in Europe.

Dr. Fasheh explained that the absence of the role of the oldest university in the world, which was the "House of Wisdom" in Baghdad, established since more than 1100 years, indicating that perhaps there are grounds for its exclusion  in the West, but there is no justification for its  exclusion in the Arab world.

He added. that may be Palestine is better than any other country  to restore wisdom of life, which places a great responsibility on the Palestinian universities in this regard.

Dr. Fasheh proposed the issue of establishing the "House of Wisdom" College at BZU (or jointly by several universities); based on the Arabic literature between the 8th and 15th century, since it includes wisdom,  literature, art, songs and beauty, and its relation to the ability to encounter the damages on several levels that we are seeing now.