Lecture on the negotiations and the emergence of the Palestinian Authority

The Chief Negotiator of the PLO, Dr. Saeb Ereikat, overviewed the most important political developments of the Palestinian issue and the spheres of influence surrounding it, and its impact on the Palestinian issue. This came during a lecture, held by the Department of Public Administration at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration -BZU on 29 November 2010, in which Dr. Ereikat addressed the negotiations and the emergence of the PLO.

Ereikat stressed that the negotiations is a combination of various sciences, based on a system of interests, and the PA is only a contractual mechanism for transferring the Palestinian people from being under occupation to independence, emphasizing the need to work on re-posting Palestine on the map, although 95% of the Israeli negotiating behavior is outside the circle of negotiations.

He reviewed the history of the Arab and Western relations and the Zionist behavior strategies, stating that what separates the Palestinian people from the Palestinian state is a matter of time, demanding that all must be committed to their responsibilities, not giving up the rights of the Palestinian people.