Lecture introduces securities sector in Palestine

Birzeit University’s Department of Accounting, Palestine Capital Market Authority (PMCA) and Palestine Exchange (PEX), organized a session explaining the securities sector components and their role in the Palestinian market on November13, 2019.

Facilitated by Yousef Hassan, chair of the Department of Accounting, the event featured officials from PMCA and PEX. The authority was represented by Murad Al Jadba, general director of the General Department of Securities, and by Muntaha Sannaf, PMCA’s financial inclusion officer; PEX was represented by Mohammad Khraim, manager of the Public Relations and Investor Education Department.

The Palestine Securities Sector launched its first trading session at Palestine Exchange (PEX) in 1997. The securities sector has been supervised by PCMA since 2005.

Al Jadba explained the role of PMCA in overseeing, regulating and developing the securities sector in Palestine, presenting statistics showing the components of the sector, and the shares of relevant companies listed on PEX.  Al Jadba talked about the legal and legislative environment that currently governs the securities sector in Palestine, under the supervision of the authority. The authority, according to Jadba, is trying to strengthen the governance of the exchange and securities regulations.

Khraim focused in his presentation on defining in the work of PEX to promote investment in the companies that are part of the securities sector. He pointed out to Palestine Exchange efforts to mesh latest financial market technology with best practice governance and management to ensure rapid development in the trading system, and  promoting investment in listed companies stocks and on attracting a wide range of regional and global investors.