Interactive Workshop Offers Action Plan for Gender-Sensitive Media

A media policy draft document on gender equality was set out in a training workshop organized by Birzeit University Media Development Centre that recently concluded in Nablus.

Organized in collaboration with the Palestinian Youth Union and funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung-Palestine, the workshop determined that equality laws and policies must be developed to achieve consistent gender mainstreaming within Palestine’s media and communication entities.

The training course used participatory approaches to learning where participants explored gender issues and identified gender-biased attitudes and behaviors in their communities, then were guided through various activities in which they define and challenge the roles, responsibilities, rights and rewards that Palestine assign to men and women purely on the basis of their sex inside the newsroom. 

The Media Development Centre seeks to enhance the capacity of reporters, media managers and media organizations to reduce stereotypical representations of women in media, and to mainstream gender equality considerations into their policies and practices.