Institute for Palestine Studies holds a two conference on "(Re) Searching Palestine: Research Gaps and Horizons " at BZU

The Institute for Palestine Studies held during 30-31 October 2010, a conference entitled: "(Re) Searching Palestine: Research Gaps and Horizons " at the Center for Development Studies Building - BZU, aiming to assess the knowledge of Palestine, and to transform the boundaries and gaps in that knowledge into new fields of inquiry. It will feature presentations by nineteen academics, writers, activists, and students.                                  

In his opening address, BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, stated that the Institute for Palestine Studies has played a crucial role in the formation of the Palestinian identity and the formulation of the Palestinian narrative, presenting a real image of Palestine to the world. He added: "BZU has offered degrees to a large nuber of graduates, who played a leading role in various life aspects, of which were leaders of thought and opinion, politics, well-known academics and entrepreneurs. They have contributed to the mission of the university, based on development, enlightenment, enhancement of public affairs and community service, pointing out that the importance of the conference stems out of the  need for those oppressed to write themselves about their history and conduct research on their communities and foresee their future."

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