Institute of Law, Palestinian Legislative Council Jointly Publish Guide to Legislative Process

As part of its efforts to promote the rule of law, develop Palestinian legal structures, and consolidate technical and procedural tools of lawmaking process, the Birzeit University Institute of Law has published a Procedure Guide to the Legislative Process at the Palestine Legislative Council (PLC) in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The guide is the first of its kind in Palestine and casts light on the legislative process, in line with the Palestinian legal framework. It combines both relevant legal procedures and practical applications of the lawmaking process within the PLC.

Essentially, the Procedure Guide to the Legislative Process at the Palestine Legislative Council is designed to provide an easily accessible, practical reference on legislation and lawmaking process in Palestine. Explaining the role of PLC members and committees in this process, the publication provides necessary guidance to ensure a better understanding of the structure of legislative texts. It also highlights the role of civil society actors in various stages of the lawmaking process.

The guide provides a detailed explanation of the legislative process within the PLC, beginning with submission of a draft law by the Council of Ministers, PLC members or committees. After a draft law is read and approved by the PLC, it is promulgated by the Head of State. The process culminates with publication of the law in the Palestinian Official Gazette.

The guide provides capacity building for its users, ensuring a right understanding of the legislative and lawmaking processes within the PLC. With support from the United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP), the guide was produced in the context of the Strengthening Functions of the Palestinian Legislative Council Committees and Legislative Support Services Project.

The Institute of Law expresses its thanks and gratitude to all those who have contributed to this qualitative guide, particularly the research team of the institute’s Legislative Support Unit. The institute would also like to thank its partners at the PLC, including all PLC committee members and department staff, who provided the needed assistance, information and expertise to the research team.



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