Institute of Law issues a study entitled "The small and medium enterprises between theory and practice: Selected Topics"

Through the Legislative Support Unit project for the year 2010, the Institute of Law at BZU worked on issuing a research study entitled "The small and medium enterprises between theory and practice: selected topics", addressing the legal and practical framework for small and medium enterprises in Palestine, since they greatly impact economic development.

The study focused on some selected topics of interest to small and medium enterprises from different angles, which had not been addressed in details in other studies.

This study aimed at providing a clear picture about some of the themes that relate to the work of small and medium enterprises, in terms of the general legal framework for these enterprises  and their characteristics, and the level of funding these enterprises , as well as the difficulties and problems they face, and its relationship with the Chambers of Commerce. The study also focused on the relationship of these enterprises with the local bodies and their role in achieving economic development.

The study shed light on commercial disputes that occur in these enterprises, and obstacles facing the resolution of these disputes , and ways of resolving them. This study included five parts, each of which addressed one topic, in accordance with the legal and practical realities.

Moreover, the Institute of Law initiated a questionnaire to be filled by small and medium enterprises, which included a sample of 448 enterprises in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, out of which 256 are located in the West Bank and 192 enterprises in Gaza Strip (57% in the West Bank and 43% of Gaza Strip). They were selected according to a scientific methodology.

This study is the second in a series of law and economics; aimed at contributing to the support of small and medium enterprises in the Palestinian territories, after the Institute published the first study in this series, entitled; "Legal Guide for the commercial environment in Palestine."

The research team who worked on the preparation of this study included: Dr. Ameen Dawas, Mr. Fayez Bkeirat, Mr. Mahmoud Alawneh, and Ms. Haya Haj Ahmad.