Institute of Law holds legal seminars in Gaza

The Institute of Law at Birzeit University recently held two legal seminars in Gaza, discussing the legal aspects of the law that regulates prisoners’ salaries and allowances, in addition to exploring the Palestinian Elections Law. The two symposiums were organized in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The first seminar entitled “The salaries and allowances of Palestinian prisoners and ex- detainees: a legal and human perspective” was presented by the Director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Gaza Jamil Sarhan.

Sarhan spoke about the prisoners and ex-detainees law no. (19) Of 2004, which guarantees former prisoners’ rights to be monthly paid a salary. He pointed out that this law is a natural result of their struggle, and a fundamental right guaranteed by the Palestinian law.

Sarhan also reviewed the recent decisions issued by the Palestinian National Authority to stop the salaries of 278 prisoners, which is considered, according to Samhan a violation of the law and a serious infringement of their rights.

Legal researcher Mohamed Talbani spoke in the second seminar on the Palestinian Elections Law, and the obstacles and legal Implications of not conducting a unified election.

Talbani discussed the legal framework that governs the local elections in Palestine and the applicable laws and amendments thereto. He also reviewed the most important provisions, procedures, guarantees and practical applications of those laws.

Talbani then talked about the legal obstacles that prevented holding local elections. He discussed the legal and political implications of not holding a unified election in both the West Bank and Gaza, assuring that will affect the rule of law, the nation’s unity, and the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of Palestinians.