Institute of Law at BZU organizes a legal encounter entitled "Labour Jurisdiction" - News

Institute of Law at BZU organized a legal encounter  on 8 June 2011, supported by Konrad Adenauer
, entitled "Labour Jurisdiction in Palestine," in which the Judge Ra’ed
Asfour, and the General Director of Inspection and Employment Protection at the
Ministry of Labour, Mr. Abdul Karim Daraghmeh, have participated. The event was
attended by  representatives of a number
of concerned public and private institutions.

his opening address, the Director of the Legislative Support Unit at the
Institute, Mr.. Fayez Bkairat, pointed to the importance of addressing the
issue of labour disputes and jurisdiction, due to its direct significant impact
on a large segment of the society..


The Judge Asfour’s intervention
focused on labour jurisdiction, stressing its importance on the national level,
and applauding the decision taken by the Supreme Judicial Council regarding the
designation of judges to adjudicate labour cases. He added that this decision
was a step towards the right direction, taking into account the need to initiate
further steps by all partners and official institutions, including the civil
organizations, aiming to spread legal awareness of labour legislation and

On the other hand, Mr. Daraghmeh emphasized the
importance of labour jurisdiction, and the importance of the step taken by the
Supreme Judicial Council to adjudicate labour cases, stressing that that the labour
law grants the