Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute organizes a lecture on “Electricity in Palestine” - News


On 16 June 2011, the Institute of
Ibrahim Abu-Lughod organized a lecture on: "The electricity sector in the
Palestinian territories: a priority for development and peace?", delivered
by the  researcher at the University
Center for Energy Problems - Geneva University , Ayman Abu al-Khair.

Mr. Abu al-khair overviewed the current situation of the energy
sector in Palestine, describing the problems, most importantly: high prices of power
units, lack of use of renewable energy, in addition to Israeli control over the
supply of conventional energy, since the Israeli Electricity Company monopolizes
the electricity sector, leading to a rise in electricity prices, and shortage
of power supply.

He addressed the instability of political circumstances and its
impact on the electricity demand, since it affects the consumption of
electricity in two ways: first, the slowdown in consumption of electricity for
the economy as a whole Secondly, it leads to a sharp drop in electricity consumption
by economic activities, reducing purchases of energy during the turbulent
period to less than average.

He added: "The electricity sector in Palestine is
fragile and highly vulnerable to political shocks, and until the Palestinian
infrastructure is developed, especially the electricity sector, being one of
the factors of economic production and progress, it is necessary to provide a
suitable environment for establishing peace in the region, and should also
study the possibility of establishing independent power plants (IPP) in the
Palestinian territories along with other options such as importing  electricity and the possibility to access
renewable energy sources. "