Graduate students gain research skills, publishing know-how

Business and Economics Research Unit (BERC) Scientific day advanced research methods, research writing skills

Graduate students enrolled in the economics and executive business administration master’s programs at Birzeit University explored quantitative research skills and methods in a scientific day workshop held on May 26, 2018, on Birzeit University’s campus.

The scientific day, organized by the Business and Economics Research Unit at the Faculty of Business and Economics, was led by Drs. Mohanad Ismael and Tareq Sadeq, two professors of economics at the university.

Ismael discussed with the attending students scientific research methods and principles, saying that writing a master’s thesis requires both a sound theoretical background and practical skills in generating new scientific content.

“Observation begets new ideas, concepts, and theories,” said Ismael to the students:

Whether you observe a change in traffic patterns, the number of people standing on Ramallah’s main squares, or even the number of students entering the university at eight in the morning, these are all indices that point to a certain phenomenon.

Ismael reviewed the most well-respected scientific journals that can be used as a source of previous studies and works; the types and rankings of journals; the differences between published, unpublished, and working papers; and how to produce a publishable research paper.

Sadeq then reviewed methods of data analysis using SPSS, a statistical analysis tool that allows researchers to conduct descriptive statistical analysis, bivariate statistical analysis, factor analysis, and similar analytical tools.

 Additionally, six graduate students presented their research papers, which revolved around various issues related to business and economics including the impact of the rise in petrol prices, Palestine joining the World Trade Organization, fertility rates in the West Bank, and determinants of money supply in Palestine.

The students included: Riwa Youneis, Mohammad Mattar, Oday Tammimi, Firas Khalil, Ali Dar Saed, Israa Ayesh.