“Future for Palestine” – a lecture by the President of the German Federal Wholesale and Export Association

On April 13th 2011, the Department of Business Administration and Marketing at the Faculty of Commerce and Economics - BZU held a lecture on "Future for Palestine," delivered by Mr. Anton F. Boerner, President of the German Federal Wholesale and Export Association (BGA), Berlin

The BGA is the leading organization for wholesale, foreign trade and service sector in the Federal Republic of Germany. It was originally founded in 1916, and re-founded after the Second World War (1949).  The BGA's goals include coordination with other organizations both within Germany, and abroad regarding trade laws, quotas, collective bargaining, as well as other activities related to business needs. 

Mr. Anton F. Boerner commenced by saying that BGA represents

  • 120.000 companies
  • 1.200.000 employees
  • 850 billon € turnover only within Germany
  • Exports: 960 billion €
  • Imports: 806 billion €

*  The majority of our members are medium-sized enterprises.

He added: Palestine has not been taking part in the process of globalization, not allowing it to benefit from the chances, and from the view of an entrepreneur, you must start to make use of these chances first.

His conclusions regarding  economic and business development in Palestine are: Palestine is invited to take part in globalization and to make use of these chances, to leave ideology behind, since Ideology has never led to an increase in welfare,  knowing that there is a shift of paradigms at the moment in the Arabian world, wherein some have started to walk the road out of ideology

This event  was an exciting opportunity for BZU community to meet with a key member of one of the world's largest and most successful economies, in addition to receive critical insight, in terms of the outlook and perception regarding the Palestinian economy.

It should be noted that a special thanks is directed towards the BGA for allowing Mr. Boerner to participate in this event.