Dr. Nabeel Kassis Joins Birzeit University Board of Trustees

The Birzeit University Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Dr. Nabeel Kassis has joined the board as of February 9, 2015. Kassis has worked at Birzeit University for many years time, as faculty member, chair of the Physics Department, the Faculty of Science dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and finally Birzeit University president from the academic years 2004/2005 until 2009/2010.

Kassis also held ministerial positions in the Palestinian National Authority, and is currently director of the Institute for Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS).

The Board of Trustees values Kassis’s membership because of his broad experience and knowledge, as well as his rich academic work particularly at Birzeit University. His membership is an added value and will contribute to the university’s development and progress.