Dr. Ali Jarbawi publishes new book titled From Expulsion to Autonomy: The Zionist Endeavour to Bury Palestine

Dr. Ali Jarbawi, professor at the Department of Political Science, has recently published the book From Expulsion to Autonomy: The Zionist Endeavour to Bury Palestine.

Dr. Jarbawi explained that the Israeli occupation’s victory in 1967 created a dilemma for the Zionist project. Although Zionists were able to occupy the rest of Palestine at that time, the pace at which the war ended did not allow the Israeli occupation to evacuate the Palestinian land. The Israeli occupation therefore resorted to expanding its autonomy to areas where it does not exercise sovereignty.

He added: “This new model of autonomy enabled the Israeli occupation to control Jerusalem and the West Bank, prevented the establishment of a Palestinian state and excluded Palestinians legally rather than physically.”

The book investigates the historical development that led to this model of autonomy and the course of events that pushed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to implement it.

Dr. Jarbawi has authored many books and articles on Palestine and international relations. His last book, Ideological Knowledge: An Attempt to Understand History, was published by the Arab Institute for Research and Publishing.