DAAD Session spotlights academic opportunities for alumni

The Academic External Relations Office organized a reunion with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Alumni in Palestine on May 3, 2017. The meeting introduced the audience with what the program has to offer for its graduates.   

The Head of the German Academic Exchange Service in Palestine Christina Stahlbock announced that a new unit for alumni is currently being created at the Head Quarters of the German Academic Exchange Service, which will come up with new pioneer programs that will enhance the cooperation with the DAAD Alumni.

“We are very happy that we have already graduated around 300 Alumni in the West Bank and Gaza, who are now assuming key functions in Palestine’s most prominent public and private institutions. Therefore, we are determent to continue our efforts to further strengthen our ties with the DAAD Alumni in the field of research and academia”, she commented.

According to Stahlbock, DAAD alumni can apply for a re-invitation to Germany for research stays, equipment grants, or even apply for fellowships in academic, research or even policy-making institutions.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers different programs to former scholarship holders and all other researchers who have spent time in Germany. They are valued as ambassadors of international collaboration and DAAD‘s most valued asset.