Center of Continuing Education Concludes Local Economic Development Program

Birzeit University’s Center of Continuing Education celebrated on November 2, 2016 the graduation of the first cohort of 22 participants in a program for improving local economies and enhancing competitiveness among municipalities. 

 Vice President for Community Outreach Dr. Assem Khalil said that Birzeit University strives to offer its academic and practical experience to contribute to the economic and institutional development of Palestine, with the cooperation of its partners. He pointed out that the university seeks, through the programs it offers to cultivate the analytical and critical skills relevant to economic development, and provide rigorous trainings that development work now requires.

Minister for Local Government Hussein al-A'raj announced that the Ministry of Local Governance is planning to establish a Department for Development. Al-A'raj reaffirmed the ministry’s role as a key agent in promoting renewed economic growth required to strengthen the role of municipalities, and help empower the Palestinian Economy.

The Head of the Netherland Representative Office Peter Mollema reaffirmed the strong relationship between his country and Palestine, describing it as wide-ranging and close. He assured that the Government of Netherlands is seeking through its concrete and constructive development programs to achieve sustainability and contribute to Palestine’s economic empowerment process.  

The graduation ceremony was attended by the general manager of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund Tawfiq Budeir, the manager of VNG in Palestine Nasser Sheikh Ali, and the director of the Center of Continuing Education Marwan Tarazi.