Center for Continuing Education at BZU organizes a special day for quality of education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

As part of the efforts undertaken by the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) regarding Palestinian institutional capacity building of providers of educational services, the CCE in collaboration with the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UNRWA organized on 16 March 2011, a scientific day entitled "Developing quality of learning at the Faculty of Educational Sciences: an e-learning model," in which the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and his Deputy  have participated, as well as lecturers and students, in addition to  the Director of the Unit of learning Innovation (ULI) at the CCE and the Working team at the ULI.

This event came to highlight the impact of e-learning models on the quality of the teaching-learning process at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, which included designed models to enable teachers to develop and implement e-courses, supervised by the ULI.

In his intervention, the Director of ULI, Dr. Osama Mimi, pointed to the importance of working in the field of sustainable impact of models that have been developed and implemented, expressing CCE's readiness to cooperate with the Faculty's administration in this respect. 

Talking about the obstacles faced during the implementation of these e-models, the  participants stressed that all obstacles encountered were related to the technical infrastructure, while work is currently underway by the Faculty's administration to avoid these obstacles.