Cairo Amman Bank and BZU award the winners in the contest "the most beautiful campus benches design” - News

On 14 June 2011, the Cairo Amman Bank and BZU celebrated at the Movenpick
Hotel in Ramallah the awarding of prizes to the first five student winners from
the Architectural Engineering Department at BZU in "the
most beautiful campus benches design contest,” organized and supported by the Cairo Amman Bank, and sponsored
by the Public Relations Office at BZU, under the supervision of the Department
of Architectural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering-BZU.

Mr. Joseph Nasnas, Deputy Director General and Regional Director
of Cairo Amman Bank. and Dr. Khalil Hindi, BZU President, honored the student
winners in the presence of a number of BZU faculty and staff members and the
Cairo Amman Bank staff

Cairo Amman Bank awarded the winners of the best three designs by opening
saving accounts for them, and will also sponsor the implementation of the
winning designs of BZU campus benches.


Manager of marketing and development of services at the bank, Ms. Nadira Karajeh
said: "This initiative reflects the real partnership between our banking
institution, established fifty years ago, with one of the most important higher
education institutions in Palestine, which had the honor to graduating batches
and batches of highly qualified citizens, who occupied high positions in all
institutions of the country." She added that this effort reflects a shared
vision based on adding value to the campus.

The Director of Public Relations Office at BZU, Ms. Manal Issa,
valued this Initiative by Cairo Amman Bank and its generous support. She
pointed to the importance of partnerships with the Palestinian private sector, being
BZU’s strategic vision, which BZU continuously seeks to strengthen and develop

This contest, in which a number of students from the Department of
Architectural Engineering at BZU have participated, comes as a response to the
needs of students and the university communities to provide comfortable seats
on campus that accommodate the increasing number of students. It also aims to
deepen the spirit of students’ affiliation to their university, and encourage them
towards creativity and interaction with their academic environment.