BZU organizes a legal encounter on "Corporate Registration Procedures in Gaza"

The Institute of Law (IoL) at BZU - Gaza Branch organized a legal encounter on  "Corporate Registration Procedures in Gaza", in which the legal adviser, Sharhabil al-Zae'em, participated. The event was funded by the German Foundation Konrad Adenauer.

In her opening address, the IoL coordinator in Gaza,  Ms. Lena Tunisee, indicated that this meeting is the 3rd in BZU Legal Encounters, held in Gaza, and the 1st one that targeted female and male lawyers.

Professor Za'eem commenced by defining the company in terms of jurisprudence and legal perspective, addressing the historical development of companies, noting that the company in Islamic jurisprudence is divided into a company of ownership and company of contract, pointing to the importance of the commercial company, especially that companies control an important aspect of economic activity and affect the interests of citizens and the national economy

The meeting included interventions and questions by the lawyers, reflecting their awareness and interest in the subject at hand, expressing their desire for more of such meetings.