BZU Launches Ibn Sina School for Computer Science


The BZU Faculty of
Information Technology launched a project entitled the Ibn Sina School for Computer Science on 20 March 2012. This Project is funded by
the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in Kuwait, in cooperation
with BZU Faculty of Information Technology and the Welfare Association. The ceremony
was attended by BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi; Vice President for Academic
Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya; Dean of the Information Technology Faculty, Dr. Ali
Jaber; Professor of Computer Science and Local Coordinator for the Project, Dr.
Yousef Hassouneh; and Director and Founder of Ibn Sina School, Dr. Adnan Darwiche.


Dr. Hassouneh gave a
briefing on the Ibn Sina School, a new initiative that aims to prepare undergraduate
students in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region for successful
careers in computer science research. Hassouneh added: "The project’s
duration is three years, structured as three summer sessions, each comprised of
four intensive courses. The summer session lasts for one month, followed by
continuity projects that may last for several months and are supervised by the School

Dr. Yahya noted: "The
Project is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their distinctiveness and
knowledge, and an opportunity for our faculty members to network and establish research
relations with their counterparts. The Project is also an opportunity for the
university community to attend general lectures on computer science delivered
by international visitors."



Dr. Jaber added that
"the Ibn Sina School Project is the first of its kind that directly targets
students, and it will include other universities. The Project
will impact the participating students and their substantial contributions to
Palestinian higher education institutions. Consequently, this will positively
impact the level of academic performance and scientific research, which is BZU’s
main concern.”