Birzeit University Seeks to Deepen Relations with Palestinians in Israel

Birzeit University received a delegation from Salfit city, accompanied by a delegation from Tireh Al-Muthallath, a community inside Israel, on April 15, 2013. The parties discussed ways and mechanisms for deepening relations with Palestinians from the 1948 areas and encouraging them to study at Birzeit University
At the beginning of the meeting, President Khalil Hindi affirmed Birzeit’s assertion to remain a national university, and to deepen the university’s connections with all Palestinians everywhere.
Hindi announced the university’s readiness to offer 20 scholarships to Palestinian citizens of Israel, emphasizing that the aim of this program is not to increase the number of university students, but to diversify the university student body and cover all of Palestinian areas.
Vice-President for Academic Affairs Adnan Yahya briefed the visiting delegation on Birzeit University and its admission requirements. Yahya then discussed the latest developments at the university in terms of academic infrastructure and scientific research.
The delegation expressed its admiration at Birzeit University’s good reputation and its great concern for its students. Also, the delegation promised to work hard on attracting Palestinian students in Israel to study at Birzeit University.
The Salfit municipality delegation spoke of the depth of the relationship between Salfit and Tireh, which is maintained through twinning and genuine partnership.