Birzeit University Receives Ambassador of Palestine to Ireland

Birzeit University President Khalil Hindi received on May 13, 2014 Ambassador of Palestine to Ireland Ahmed Abdel Razek in the presence of Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman and External Academic Relations Officer Dolly Kaibni. The visit aimed to explore the possibility of academic partnerships, including a research partnership with the European University Association (EUA).

Hindi briefed the guest on the university’s history, faculties and role in community service, emphasizing the university’s interest in developing relations with various universities worldwide.

Ambassador Abdel Razek stressed his commitment to improving the quality of education in Palestine and the possibility of cooperating with the EAU by preparing an assessment study on research in Palestinian universities. Moreover, the ambassador talked about the possibility of providing grants for doctoral studies at Dublin University, emphasizing the importance of developing scientific research in universities in order to contribute to enhancing the quality of higher education.

Hindi welcomed the idea of cooperating with a working group from the EAU, saying that the university was keen on communicating with various universities worldwide in order to develop scientific research.